2017 Voting Process


There are three types of categories in the Canadian Cannabis Awards this year: Voter-driven, committee-driven, and special categories. Each has its own methodology.

Voter-Driven Categories:

Voter-driven categories were opened to the general public between September 1 and September 30, 2017. Voting was completed online via the Canadian Cannabis Awards website, and voters were asked to list their top picks for each category.

Some categories required voters to also apply a score from 1-5 for each of their top picks (5 being the highest). Winners were chosen based on the highest average score, with a minimum threshold of votes required for each category.

In the categories where voters were not asked to apply a score to each of their top picks, the winners were chosen based on the number of total votes received.

The following awards were voter-driven: Top LP, Cannabis Crusader, Top Social Media Account (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), Top Podcast, Top Advertisement, Top Testing Lab, Top Trimmer, Top Seed Company, Top Extraction Equipment, Top Nutrients Company, Top Lighting Company, Product of the Year, Best New Cannabis Product, Top LP Customer Service, Top LP Compassionate Pricing, Top LP Packaging, Top Portable Vaporizer, Top Desktop Vaporizer, Top Clinic (East and West), Top Cannabis Accessories Shop (East and West), Top Vape Lounge (East and West), Top Glassblower, Top Cannabis Chef, Top Hydroponic Retailer (East and West), and Top Home Growing Box, as well as all awards for dispensaries and dispensary products.

Product awards were also voter-driven, including both the licensed producer (LP ) and dispensary categories for: Top Indica Flower, Top Sativa Flower, Top Hybrid Flower, Top High THC Strain, Top High CBD Strain, Top High THC Oil, Top High CBD Oil, Top Blended/Value Variety, Top Edible, Top Oral Extract, Top Vaped or Smoked Extract.


Committee-Driven Categories:

Lift selected the following group of cannabis industry professionals to form its first-ever CCA Committee: Alex Revich (Committee Chair), Jonathan Zaid, Marc Wayne, Jamie Shaw, Trina Fraser, Rosy Mondin, David Hyde, Antuanette Gomez, Aaron Salz, Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson, Mike Lickver, Dr. Natasha Ryz, Sarah Jasma, Jenna Valleriani, John Fowler, Dieter Macpherson, Dr. Shane Morris, Remo Colasanti and Adam Greenblatt.

The Committee was provided a list of nominees for each category, based on nominee suggestions received from the general public during the nomination process held August 1 – 31, 2017. The Committee was also provided a list of key questions to consider for each category.

Committee members were asked to recuse themselves from voting in categories where they were in conflict; for instance, if a committee member was employed full-time with a nominated company.

The Committee was asked to score each nominee from 1-10 (10 being the highest) for each question. Nominees with the highest average score won.

Committee-driven categories include: Lifetime Achievement Award, Startup of the Year, Product of the Year, Deal of the Year, Innovation of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Top Non-profit, Most Progressive Public Office, Most Progressive Researcher, Top Effort Affecting Policy Change, Writer of the Year, Top Charitable Initiative, Campaign of the Year, Most Promising Licensed Producer.


Special Categories:

Special categories include: Brand of the Year, Celebrity Advocate, Top Lift Reviewer and Employer of the Year. Each category has its own methodology.

Brand of the Year – This award is determined by Lift, and considers the results of voter nominations (which ran August 1 -31), as well as nominees’ impact on the industry over the preceding 12 months through their innovative storytelling, consistently applied brand elements, and novel approach.

Celebrity Advocate – This honorary award is determined by Lift, and honours a prominent individual for his or her well-publicized cannabis activism and efforts to normalize the plant.

Top Lift Reviewer – Chosen by Lift based on the volume and quality of personal contributions to the Lift.co website.

Employer of the Year – Over 60 companies were nominated for Employer of the Year during the nomination process running Aug 1 – 31. An employee survey was then sent to each employer for their staff to fill out, which included numerous questions on the employee’s experience with the company. Based on the responses, average scores were calculated and an overall winner was selected. The next nine winners were also selected to make up the Top 10 Employers of the Year.