2019 Canadian Cannabis Awards Winners

Cannabis Products

Top Sativa Dominant Preroll

Winner: Jean Guy Preroll - Good Suply

Finalist: Flash Stix Preroll - Trailblazer

Finalist: Sunday Special Preroll - RIFF

Top Indica Dominant Preroll

Winner: Subway Scientist Preroll - RIFF

Finalist: Granddaddy Purple Preroll - 48North

Finalist: Renew Preroll - Solei

Top Hybrid Preroll

Winner: Sense Preroll - Solei

Finalist: City Lights Preroll - Edison Cannabis Co.

Finalist: Reflect Preroll - COVE

Top High CBD Bottled Oil

Winner:  CBD 25:1 Oil - Aphria

Finalist: CBD Drops - Aurora Cannabis

Finalist: Shubie - Organigram

Top High THC Bottled Oil

Winner: Rossignol - Organigram

Finalist: Banook - Organigram

Finalist:  THC 20:1 - Aphria

Top Cannabis Capsules
(soft gels, liquid gels)

Winner: Argyle Softgels - Tweed

Finalist: Penelope Softgels - Tweed

Finalist: Sativa Capsules - Aurora Cannabis

Top Balanced Bottled Oil

Winner: Midnight Oil - MedReleaf

Finalist: Utopia - Organigram

Finalist: Reign Drops 15:15 - Redecan

Organizations & People

Employer of the Year

Winner: TREC Brands

Top 10 Employers of the Year

  1. TREC Brands
  2. Superette
  3. CanMar Recruitment
  4. James E. Wagner Cultivation
  5. imc North America
  6. Canadian Cannabis Clinics
  7. Organigram
  8. Starseed Medicinal
  9. The Supreme Cannabis Company
  10. OGEN - Bloom Cultivation
Top Retail Store (Single Location)

Winner: Superette - 1306 Wellington St., Ottawa

Finalist: Kiaro - 1316 Kingsway, Vancouver

Finalist: Nova Cannabis - 8015 -104St. NW, Edmonton

Top Budtender

Winner: Ellen McKay - Superette, Ottawa

Finalist: Jordan Prentice, Nova Cannabis, Edmonton

Finalist: Liam English, Fire & Flower, Ottawa

Brand of the Year

Winner: 7ACRES

Finalist: Superette

Finalist: Edison Cannabis Co.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Winner: Pat McCutcheon & Keith Strachan - MediPharm Labs

Finalist: Darren Bondar - Spiritleaf

Finalist: Drummond Munro - Superette

Innovation of the Year

Winner: Solei Renew CBN Oil - Aphria

Finalist: Pineapple Express Delivery

Finalist: Decarboxylated Extraction Method - Scientus Pharma

Startup of the Year

Winner: Superette

Finalist: TREC Brands

Finalist: ND Supplies

Top Non-Profit, Charity or Community Initiative

Winner: Tweed x TerraCycle

Finalist: Pardon - DOJA x Cannabis Amnesty

Finalist: Namaste Recycling Program - Zenabis

Womxn in Weed - Trailblazer

Winner: Mimi Lam - Superette

Finalist: Jo Vos - Leafly

Finalist: Trang Trinh - TREC Brands


Top Pipe/Bong

Winner: Scorpion - Wolf Grinders

Finalist: Aurora - My Bud Vase

Finalist: Red Eye Tek Terminator - West Coast Gifts

Top Rolling Papers

Winner: Konehedz PreRolled Cones

Finalist: Canadian Lumber

Finalist:  7ACRES Rolling Papers

Top Vaporizer

Winner: PAX 3 - PAX Labs

Finalist: Mighty Medic - STORZ & BICKEL

Finalist: Zeus Arc GT - Zeus Arsenal

Top Home Growing Box

Winner: Grobo Premium Grow Box - Grobo Premium

Finalist: BloomBox - BC Northern Lights

Finalist: RoomMate - BC Northern Lights


Top Extraction Company

Winner: Valens GrowWorks 

Finalist: KeyLeaf Life Sciences

Finalist: Neptune Wellness Solutions

Top Lighting Company

Winner: LumiGrow


Top Master Grower

Winner: Kevin Anderson - Broken Coast Cannabis

Finalist: Leo Benne - Zenabis

Finalist: Melaine Carruthers - 7ACRES

Top Trimmer

Winner: Twister Trimmer, Keirton


Top Nutrients Company

Winner: BlueSky Organics

Finalist: CANNA

Finalist: Remo Brands

Top Testing Lab

Winner:Keystone Labs

Finalist: Eurofins Experchem Laboratories

Finalist: Anandia Laboratories

Lift & Co. Special Awards

Top Lift & Co. Reviewer

Winner: Shane Sparks (VapeTheBud)
Top Lift & Co. Budtender Reviewer

Winner: Sean O'Reilly (HighlyBearded)