2019 Categories

Cannabis Products

Cannabis Products


Top Indica Flower

Top Sativa Flower

Top Hybrid Flower


Top High CBD Bottled Oil  

Top High THC Bottled Oil 

Top Balanced Oil 

Top Cannabis Spray NEW

Top Cannabis Capsules (soft gels, liquid gels) NEW


Top Sativa Dominant Pre-roll

Top Indica Dominant Pre-roll

Top Hybrid Pre-roll


Organizations & People

Organizations & People

Entrepreneur of the Year NEW

This award recognizes the endeavours of exceptional people who create the products and services that keep our industry moving forward. The winner embodies the spirit of cannabis entrepreneurship: tenacity, creativity and leadership.

Startup of the Year

This company exemplifies the qualities that define promising startups: plucky, innovative and creative. Its top-notch team identifies and solves industry problems and contributes beneficially to the cannabis sector. *Entry submissions for this award are open to industry professionals only.

Womxn in Weed – Trailblazer

This award recognizes the high achievers, advocates and role models for womxn within the cannabis industry. 

Innovation of the Year

This award serves to honour a product, service or idea that adds significant value to people, businesses and society. This idea/product/service is either a significant improvement on an already existing entity within the cannabis space or a new and revolutionary addition. *Entry submissions for this award are open to industry professionals only.

Top Non-Profit/Charity/Community Initiative

Working towards social well-being, the winner of this category shines in engagement and the extent to which a positive change was made in the cannabis industry. This non-profit, charity or initiative goes the extra mile in bettering the lives of people who use or are affected by cannabis.*Entry submissions for this award are open to industry professionals only.

Brand of the Year

The most powerful brands seem to spring into public consciousness, capturing hearts and minds as if they’ve always existed. This award recognizes the enormous effort behind such apparent effortlessness, awarding brand strategy, culture, image, and impact. *Entry submissions for this award are open to industry professionals only.

Employer of the Year

Great ideas can only manifest with a great team and management that helps a team be great. The Employer of the Year Award strives to recognize employers who go above and beyond to build, maintain and reward great teams. This award recipient is voted on by the employees of the entered companies.



Good accessories can add a lot to your cannabis session. From pipes to papers, each accessory brings something different to your experience.

Top  Vaporizer
Top Rolling Papers & Cones
Top Pipe/Bong
Top Home Growing Box




New for 2019, this category recognizes the beginnings of retail excellence for the industry. 

Top Retail Store - Single Location NEW

This retail location and its team delivers unparalleled excellence for its customers. From the look and feel of the store to the buying experience — everything about this location is top notch.

Top Budtender NEW

This individual displays a high level of passion and knowledge about the products and industry, shows a commitment to customer service and consistently displays a positive attitude. *Entries may be submitted by retail owners, managers and customers only.



*Entries for this section are open to industry professionals only.

Top Testing Lab

Accuracy and reliability are the currency of any testing lab, but the top lab goes above and beyond, pairing smart science with superior service.

Top Trimmer

Size doesn’t matter. No, really — large or small, the winning trimmer is easy to use and maintain and gets the job done right, day after day, year after year.

Top Extraction Company

One of the largest growth areas in Canadian cannabis, these companies focus on the extracted products that the industry needs as it evolves.

Top Nutrients Company

Great cannabis starts with great nutrients, and this is Canada’s best.

Top Lighting Company

The brightest of the bunch, Canada’s best cannabis lighting company. 

Top Master Grower NEW

The backbone of the industry, these individuals excel in all phases of the growing process, setting themselves apart by demonstrating superb management characteristics, commitment to quality product and a passion for the industry.

Lift & Co. Awards

Lift & Co. Special Awards

These award winners are selected by Lift & Co. staff to recognize contributors who positively impact the quality of the website's information and who help other consumers find the best products.

Top Lift & Co. Reviewer

This reviewer contributes the most consistently excellent reviews to lift.co, helping others find the products and brands that best suit their needs.

Top Lift & Co. Budtender Reviewer NEW

This award recognizes the budtender reviewer who contributes the most consistently excellent reviews to lift.co, making it easier for others to find the cannabis products and brands to best suit their needs. 



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