2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards Winners

Voter-Driven Categories

Flowers, Oils & Licensed Producers

Top Licensed Producer

Winner: CannTrust

Employer of the Year

Winner: James E. Wagner Cultivation

Top 10 Employers of the Year(in alphabetical order):

Top LP Customer Service

Top High CBD Flower

Top High THC Flower

Top Balanced Flower

Top High THC Oil

Top Balanced Oil

Products & Places

Top Accessory Shop

Winner: Tokyo Smoke

Finalist: Leaffshop.com

Finalist: The Joint

Top Clinic

Winner: Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Finalist: Natural Health Services

Finalist: Apollo Cannabis Clinics

Top Desktop Vaporizer

Winner: Extreme Q – Arizer

Finalist: Big E – Vapium

Top Portable Vaporizer

Winner: Solo ll – Arizer

Finalist: ZEUS Smite – ZEUS

Finalist: LITE – Vapium

Top Rolling Papers

Winner: Zenabis 2-in-1 rolling papers with tips

Finalist: HAZO Rolling Papers

Finalist: Kronico

Top Pipe

Winner: Red Eye Glass ‘O Cannabis’ Commemorative Sherlock Hand

Finalist: Prana – Maitiri

Finalist: Faro – BRNT

Top Bong

Winner:My Bud Vase – My Bud Vase

Finalist: GEAR Premium 12″ Sidekick Beaker Tube

Finalist: Hexagon – BRNT

Top Home Growing Box

Winner: Aurora The RoomMate 

Finalist: WeedMD Shiskaberry Live Cannabis Plant

Finalist: Mary AG Mary

Social Media & Influencers

Cannabis Crusader

Winner: Clinton Younge

Cannabis Influencer

Winner: Clinton Younge

Finalist: Adam Greenblatt

Finalist: Terry Booth

Top Twitter Influencer

Winner: Cam Battley

Finalist: Spiritleaf

Finalist: Alex the Chemist

Top Cannabis YouTuber

Winner: The Cannabis Show

Finalist: Remo Colasanti

Finalist: Valerie Connelly

Top Cannabis Podcast

Winner: The Cannabis Show

Finalist: Canadian Cannabis Update

Finalist: Legalized

Committee-Driven Categories

Organizations & People

Lifetime Achievement

Winner: Bruce Linton

Finalist: Matt Mernagh

Finalist: Brendan Kennedy

Start-up of the Year

Winner: MediPharm Labs Corp.

Finalist: Canopy Rivers

Finalist: Vitalis Extraction Technology

Cannabis Product of the Year

Winner: Elixir CBD Peppermint – Hydropothecary

Finalist: MedReleaf Softgels – MedReleaf

Finalist: Spectrum Cannabis Softgels – Spectrum Cannabis

Deal of the Year

Winner: Constellation Brands + Canopy Growth

Finalist: HEXO  Corp. and  Molson Coors  Canada

Finalist: Tilray and Sandoz Canada Inc.

Innovator of the Year

Winner: Mike Gorenstein

Finalist: Pat McCutcheon

Finalist: Renee Gagnon

Woman in Weed - Trailblazer

Winner: Rosy Mondin

Finalist: Jeannette VanderMarel

Finalist: Sandra Colasanti

Innovation of the Year

Winner: Elixir CBD Peppermint – Hydropothecary

Finalist: MediPharm Labs Inc.

Finalist: MedReleaf Topical Cream

Top Non-Profit/Charity/Community Initiative

Winner: Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana

Finalist: Clinical Research Association of Canada

Finalist: Agrima Botanicals and the MS Society of Canada

Most Progressive Public Office

Winner: The Province of New Brunswick

Finalist: Opportunities New Brunswick

Most Progressive Canadian Researcher

Winner: Jonathan Page

Finalist: Jenna Valleriani

Finalist: Phillipe Lucas

Writer of the Year

Winner: Jenna Valleriani

Finalist: Piper Courtenay

Finalist: Jonathan Hiltz

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Winner: dosist

Finalist: Up Cannabis Inc.

Finalist: San Rafael ’71

Brand of the Year

Winner: 7Acres

Finalist: Tokyo Smoke

Finalist: Tweed

Cannabis Growing

Top Testing Lab

Winner: RPC

Finalist: Anandia Laboratories Inc.

Finalist: Keystone Labs

Top Trimmer

Winner: Twister Trimmer

Finalist: Mobius Trimmer

Top Extraction Equipment

Winner: Vitalis Extraction Technology

Top Nutrients Company

Winner: Remo Nutrients

Finalist: Dutch Nutrients

Finalist: Emerald Harvest

Top Lighting

Winner: Fluence Bioengineering

Finalist: Sanuvox Technologies

Lift & Co. Special Awards

Top Lift & Co. Reviewer

Winner: Shane (VapeTheBud)

Top Lift & Co. Reviewed Product of the Year

Winner: Ruxton (3) Sour OG – Broken Coast Cannabis

Top Lift & Co. Reviewed Licensed Producer of the Year

Winner: Canna Farms